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Hotel Contact Details

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How can I find the hotel's contact information?


Basic information for a hotel can be found on the Hotel Description Page associated specifically with that hotel.


TravelStay provides full contact information for the accommodation within your confirmation email at the time of booking.  This includes the complete address and contact telephone number.  In fact, your booking confirmation will look like this:


Please print and show upon check-in

Your TravelStay Booking Reference:  TSN9875643


Hotel Information


TEST Hotel

123 Testing Avenue, South Kensington (Central London)

London 123ABC

Phone 0123 456 7890


Bear in mind that TravelStay is a booking agency working on behalf of accommodations based upon the availability that they offer us.  In some cases, we are the only point of contact for making bookings.  For other accommodations, TravelStay serves as the primary booking engine and works with the accommodations to give you the best prices available online.  Much of the time, our rates are even lower than the hotel's walk-in rates.  It is because of this relationship that TravelStay does not offer these contact details pre-booking.


If you have made a booking, please see your Booking Confirmation for more details such as maps (located directly beneath the hotel information) that are available via embedded links in your Booking Confirmation as well as links to provide directions to the accommodation if it is your first visit.

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