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Luggage Storage

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Can I leave my luggage at the hotel before and after my stay?


Are you wanting to get to London bright and early or leave late?  If so, you are probably wondering what to do with that cumbersome luggage.  Here is how you find out.


Each hotel page has a Facilities List, and this is where you will find if your particular accommodation offers "Luggage Storage" (see example below).



Be sure to also look in the Comments section for additional details regarding luggage storage.  This may include rates (where applicable) and if the accommodation accepts luggage drop off prior to check in and/or after check-out.


TravelStay will continually work to maintain this information for our customer.  However, this feature is subject to changes in rates and availability at the hotel's discretion.  Please contact your accommodation directly once you have booked if you would like to make use of luggage storage.  You will find the accommodation's contact details in your booking confirmation.

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