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Orange arrow How can I find the hotel's contact information?

  Basic information for a hotel can be found on the Hotel Description Page associated specifically with that hotel. TravelStay provides full contact information for the accommodation within your confirmation email at the time of booking. This includes the complete address and contact telephone n...
Orange arrow My Booking Confirmation won't print! What do I do?

  If you've received your Booking Confirmation, you've probably seen the first line that says "Please print and show upon check-in". But, if you are reading this, you must be having problems getting your Booking Confirmation to print. Depending upon the domain you are using (Hotmail, Gmail, etc.),...
Orange arrow What is a Booking Confirmation? Where do I find it?

  After making a TravelStay Booking, you are sent via email a Booking Confirmation that summarises your forthcoming stay. You will recognise this email by the Subject Line: "Details of your reservation at HOTEL NAME". Within this Booking Confirmation, expect to find the following information: A...
Orange arrow I do not have an email address. How do I make a booking?

  Have you searched for a hotel and found the perfect place at just the right price? Great! Then you go to the Book Page and realise that you need to have an email address, but you don't have one! Don't worry! If you can receive a text message on your phone, we can get you the basic detai...
Orange arrow Is my deposit refunded after my stay?

  Curious about the total costs related to your stay? Want to know what to pay when you book and how this is utilised in the total cost? Well, read on for full details. So you are curious about the details of your deposit. Let us explain how your booking works. To begin with, let me show you ...
Orange arrow I booked with rates displayed in a currency other than British Pounds. What will I pay upon arrival?

  TravelStay is glad to have so many customers from overseas booking their London stays. The information on this page will help you to identify what you are agreeing to and what you can expect to pay for your booking. The first thing that needs to be mentioned is that both TravelStay and the hot...
Orange arrow I can't find a booking confirmation email. Has my booking been made?

  So long as you have completed the booking form and have seen the booking confirmation page which displays your booking reference number, then your booking has been made successfully. All bookings made are confirmed bookings and you do not need to double check the availability. You can only make a r...
Orange arrow I've already made a booking, but I need more information. Who should I talk to?

  First, thank you for choosing TravelStay. We look forward to helping you in any way that we can. After you've booked, you may find that you have unanswered questions. The purpose of this article is to direct you to the best place to obtain your information. Sometimes, this will be TravelStay...
Orange arrow I think I entered the wrong email address. How do I get my Booking Confirmation?

  So you've made a booking via TravelStay and you didn't receive your booking confirmation. Did you enter ".com" when you should have entered "" or maybe you mistyped your email address altogether? TravelStay does have solutions for you. Probably the simplest solution is to use our Contac...
Orange arrow I do not have a printer. How can I view my Booking Confirmation?

  If you have made a TravelStay booking for a hotel, you should have received a Booking Confirmation via email. The first line of your booking confirmation, even before it lists your Booking Reference Number is the statement: "Please print and show upon check-in". Do you not have a printer? Tr...
Orange arrow What is a Pre-Authorisation?

  Have you been looking at the Booking Policy and seen text stating "Under exceptional circumstances, such as during extremely busy dates, for multiple room bookings, or if the customers contact details are invalid, the accommodation may need to protect against the loss of a late cancellation fee by ...
Orange arrow What is the TravelStay Price Promise?

  TravelStay would like to thank all of its customers that use the TravelStay website knowing that they are getting the BEST possible deal on their accommodation. But wait! Think you've found where you could have made the same booking for less? The TravelStay Price Promise guarantees that Trave...
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Orange arrow What is the confirmation email for?

  A confirmation email is sent automatically once you make a reservation. This lists all of the details of your booking, the accommodation you have booked, and full contact details. For direction information please refer to the link on the email to the accommodation information page, which features d...
Orange arrow My confirmation email shows only one name but I have booked for more than one person - why is that?

  Only one name is required for each room that you have booked, but the room and breakfast will be available for as many people as the room can accommodate. So if you have booked a twin room with English breakfast, only one name will appear on the email confirmation but the two guests will be able to...
Orange arrow I can't find my booking confirmation email. What should I do?

  Finding your confirmation email: Checking Junk and Spam foldersPlease check all folders within your e-mail account, including any spam, junk or bulk e-mail folders. Hotmail and AOL users please note: the security settings can occasionally prevent the confirmation e-mail from reaching you. If possib...

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