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Category: How to book
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Orange arrow Why does TravelStay list rates as ‘per person per night’ instead of listing room rates?

  There are several reasons why TravelStay displays rates on a ‘per person per night’ basis, rather than a room rate. We have listed six of these reasons below.1. Group Size | Many TravelStay customers travel in small groups of 3 or 4 and want to split the cost equally between themselves....
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Orange arrow What information do I need to make a booking?

  TravelStay does everything that it can to make the booking process as easy as possible. As such, we require only a few things after logging onto the website at Of course, you will need to know the exact dates that you are looking to stay (arrival and departure), the number ...
Orange arrow Can my child stay for free?

  Much of the time, travelling includes children. Some accommodations allow one or more children to stay without requiring a larger room type, thus a potentially "Free" stay. To understand this, let's consider that for most accommodations, a child is considered to be under the age of 2. (Certai...
Orange arrow I need help with a booking. When can I talk to someone?

  TravelStay has 24-hour Booking Hotline available to assist you with your booking requirements. If you are looking to make a booking, you can call our UK based offices on Tel: +44 (0) 203 696 0210. (For International Customers, please CLICK HERE for alternative telephone numbers.) We can help sea...
Orange arrow How do I make a booking?

  You can make a confirmed booking in three easy steps: Search for available accommodation(you can search by accommodation name, hotel type or location). Enter your search criteria. Click "Search Now" - Select a room - View the available rooms Click "Book" next to your chosen room type - Bo...
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