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Category: Promotional Codes
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Orange arrow I modified my booking. What happens to my promotional code?

  Have you modified your booking? Or are you still in need of performing a modification? If your original booking was made with a promotional code, please see the following associated details. Promotional Codes are "booking-specific". This means that, when you create your booking, the promotio...
Orange arrow The last time I booked, I was given a "Refer-a-Friend" promotional code. How do I use it?

  TravelStay values its customers and we love giving Cash Back! We offer many ways for you to earn this Cash Back, including the Refer-a-Friend promotional code. How it works is simple! Find your Refer-a-Friend code after completing your online booking on the Booking Confirmation Page: ...
Orange arrow Where do I get a promotional code and how do I use it?

  Thinking of making a booking via TravelStay. GREAT! How about I show you how you can get some CASH BACK on your booking. First, let's take a peek at the booking page for a hotel: Promotional Codes are subject to various criteria, the most common being a minimum deposit. Other restricti...

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