Finding Cheap Prices

How can I find the very cheapest prices on TravelStay?

Finding the least expensive rooms through TravelStay is not that difficult to do.  Whether you are looking for a booking for the immediate future or for a bit in the future, there are certain things that you can do to find the lowest possible prices.

To find the cheapest possible prices it is recommended to:

  • Book early in advance.  Typically, the more in advance you book, the better the rates.  Plus, you may be eligible for *Advance Booking Discounts for the accommodation.
  • Book during the less busy days of the week (Sunday to Thursday).  Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest days for accommodations.  Thus, their rates tend to be higher on these nights.
  • Select a student discount if you are a student or search for 7 nights or more to qualify for our *Long Stay Discounts.  (All guests staying on the booking must be students in order to qualify for this discount.  If all guests are not students, discounts may be forfeited and you will have to pay rack rates upon arrival.)
  • Look out for any *Special Offers in the search results.  Special offers are automatically applied and do not have to be requested.
  • Make a general search for "all rooms" for the number of guests.  Shared room accommodations will almost always be less expensive than private rooms.  Rooms with shared bathroom facilities also tend to be less than those with their own private, ensuite bathroom.
  • Also check for room combinations by clicking on the View Room Combinations option in the search results.  (This feature is only available when searching for 3 or more guests.)

Accommodations change their prices on a regular basis, and low prices sell out fast! So if you see a price that suits your budget we suggest you book it straight away. That way you are guaranteed accommodation at that rate and only have to pay a small deposit to secure the booking.


* Special Offer, Long Stay, Advanced Booking and other similar discounts are automatically applied in order to create the lowest possible rate for you, the customer.  If available, you have nothing to do in order to claim these discounts.

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