Complaints - Hotel (No Booking)

The accommodation can’t find my booking. What do I do?

We’re sorry to hear the accommodation is having difficulty finding your reservation.

Customer satisfaction is really important to the team here at TravelStay. Let us try to help you resolve this issue and get you into your room as soon as possible.

   Step 1: Show the staff your Booking Confirmation email | Show the staff on reception your Booking Confirmation email from TravelStay.  You can find this by searching your emails for ‘[email protected]’.

This should help them find your booking as it has all of the details in writing. If you do not have the email print-off, you can provide them with your Booking Reference Number starting ‘TSN’.

Your accommodation has online access to search for your reservation and would have received your reservation by email and sometimes also by fax.  Please also make a note of the name of the member of staff you spoke to and the time of your conversation.

   Step 2: Ask the staff to contact TravelStay | If the staff still cannot find your booking using your Booking Confirmation email or Booking Reference Number, ask them to contact us here at TravelStay. Your Booking Confirmation email (or simply your Booking Reference Number) will help the team here at TravelStay to find your booking on our system and help the accommodation find it within their online service.

   Step 3: Check the details of your booking | Double check you are at the correct accommodation, on the correct dates and asking for the correct room type that you booked. Customers do sometimes book the wrong accommodation, or the wrong dates or the wrong room type. If this is the case, TravelStay can try to help you make a new booking, so long as rooms are available. If the accommodation has made a mistake, the team at TravelStay will help you to make things right.

TravelStay’s Role

The team at TravelStay will do everything it can to help customers.

When it comes to the accommodation provider making a mistake, it is the responsibility of the accommodation to correct the problem. TravelStay lists availability according to the details provided by the accommodation, and it is the responsibility of the accommodation to properly maintain this information. TravelStay will not be held responsible for errors in information provided by the accommodation provider. You can find more information in TravelStay’s Terms and Conditions.

If your complaint relates to the booking process with TravelStay, please contact us and we will do all we can to correct any problems. Please include as much detailed information as possible, including your booking reference (beginning TSN), when you use our Contact Us page.

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