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How do I search for a particular location or type of accommodation?

TravelStay gives you numerous options to enable you to search our website for accommodation.  Check out our new and improved homepage at



You can search by:


1) City

  • Looking for a stay other than in London?  See what availability we have for Glasgow, Edinburgh, Durham or any other city worldwide!

2) Hotel Type

  • Select a specific HOTEL TYPE (e.g. 3 or 4 Star Accommodation, Bed & Breakfast, or Guest House)!  Search for specific FACILITIES (e.g. Self-Catering, Parking, or 24-Hour Check-In)!  Try a WIDE LOCATION SEARCH (North, South, East or West London or any particular Zone)!  Or search by a specific RAIL LINE (Piccadilly, Central, Circle, etc.).

3) District

  • Looking for a specific area within the Greater London area?  Here you can opt for a much more specific area (e.g. Kings Cross, Bayswater, Stratford, Heathrow or Gatwick Airports) and get a more defined set of search results based on that central location.

4) Hotel Name

  • If you know the specific hotel that you want to stay at - (perhaps you have stayed there before) - you can scroll through the list of accommodations and select only the accommodation you want.

5) Attraction

  • First time to London?  Not sure which hotels are nearby the O2 Arena, down the street from The British Library or within walking distance of the London Eye?  By searching by attraction, you can take all of the guess work out.  Type in part or all of the name of your favourite attraction to get the closest hotels by proximity.


Of course, these are just a few of the ways to search.  The TravelStay homepage will let you find the cheapest hostel, Special Offer deals, or scroll through our TravelStay Offers.  You will be hard-pressed not to find some sort of a deal!


Please note that as TravelStay specialises in budget accommodation the number of accommodations to choose from in a particular location or of a particular type may be limited to only the best value offers.


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