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I booked with rates displayed in a currency other than British Pounds. What will I pay upon arrival?

TravelStay is glad to have so many customers from overseas booking their London stays.  The information on this page will help you to identify what you are agreeing to and what you can expect to pay for your booking.


The first thing that needs to be mentioned is that both TravelStay and the hotels that we work with are all located within the UK (except for those on our affiliate worldwide site).  As such, all bookings are subject to payment and calculation based on UK currency, specifically the British Pound.  The British Pound will be identified on the TravelStay website as either the Pound Symbol (£) or a 3-Letter Abbreviation (GBP).  You will also find the following wording on the Booking Page:



If you are making a booking from Australia, China, or another part of Europe, you may wish to view your booking in your local currency.  This can be done easy enough.  At the top of the TravelStay home page, on Search Results screens and on the Booking Page itself, you will see the following drop-down box:    This box enables you to have the rates for your booking displayed in your local currency.  (Please note that our system does receive regular updates on current exchange rates, but that these values are subject to fluctuation.)  Your Booking Deposit will still be charged in British Pounds.


When on the Booking Page, your screen (if set to display foreign currency) will look similar to the following:



(In the example above, £720.00 is the total cost.  The Balance in British Pounds (after the deposit is paid) is £612.00.  These rates (in British Pounds) will not change, regardless of changes in the currency exchange rate.)


Please be aware that rates displayed are based upon current rates of exchange.  At the time of your arrival, these rates, based on your local currency may differ.  As such, you will be responsible for the rate as it relates to the British Pound on the day of payment.  Sometimes rates (based upon your local currency) will change in your favour.  Other times, regrettably, your rate (based upon your local currency) may be more expensive.  What will not change is the Total, Deposit or Balance in British Pounds.  This will be the constant value by which your deposit and balance charges are determined.  Because of this, your Booking Confirmation will have rates displayed in British Pounds, not local currency.

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