Breakfast Options

What kind of breakfast or meal do I get with my booking?

For some of us, waking up means getting rid of that grumble in your belly.  Some of us, when staying in a hotel, do not want to have to leave and find a restaurant in order to get breakfast.  At TravelStay, we try to get our accommodations to offer you breakfast along with your room.  As such, the following guide will tell you what you can expect after that alarm clock brings you out of your slumber.

  • Room Only : The most basic offer on the TravelStay website.  "Room Only" indicates that an accommodation does not offer breakfast or is a separate item that must be purchased directly from them upon arrival.  This offer generally means that there are no kitchen facilities either.


  • Self-Catering : Well, the accommodation may not offer breakfast, but this will indicate that they have kitchen facilities that you will be able to use in order to prepare at least light meals and snacks.  Prepare a dinner in the evenings and save money for all the fun things!  Or prepare your coffee, tea, or morning meal to start your day off exact to how you want it!


  • Continental Breakfast Offer : With this option, you will be able to take advantage of that most important meal of the day.  Though what is offered as part of the Continental Breakfast may vary, typically this will include Cereal, Toast (with butter or jam), and Tea or Coffee.  Other items may be available depending upon the accommodation.


  • English Breakfast Offer (also Scottish Breakfast Offer, where applicable) : Need a hearty meal to kick off your day?  Book your stay with an English Breakfast offer and you may be on your way to paradise with Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Beans, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Hash Browns, Cereals, Toast, Jam, Toast, Coffee, and/or Juice. (All items not available at all locations.  Other items may be available.  See the specific accommodation's hotel page for more details.)  These options may be "buffet" in style where listed.


  • Self-Serve Breakfast Offer : Be sure to check the details for accommodations with this option to see what all they offer.  Just as it sounds, don't expect anyone to bring your breakfast around to you.  But, the items will be there for your selection.


  • Cooked Breakfast Offer : Typically, this is very similar to the English Breakfast Offer or Scottish Breakfast Offer.  Meals may or may not be more inclusive of all the traditional items associated with these other options.  These options may be "buffet" in style where listed.


Please note that breakfast may be limited to certain hours of the day.  Breakfast Rooms get busy and seating may be limited.  All menu items may not be available at all times.  Plan your breakfast accordingly. 

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