Booking Without an Email Address

How do I book if I do not have a personal email address?

When making a booking through TravelStay, we send every customer a booking confirmation to their email based on the information provided.  While it is becoming less common for customers to not have an email address, TravelStay does recognise that this does still occur.  As such, there is a solution when making your online booking.


Option #1 (TravelStay Preferred Alternative):  If you have a family member or close friend who would allow you to use their email address for the purposes of receiving a Booking Confirmation, we kindly request that you seek their assistance.  Because many accommodations require producing the confirmation email upon arrival, you do need to be able to access it.


Option #2 (Fax Receipt):  If you have access to a fax line, you can enter the following details in the field for email address:  [email protected] - e.g. [email protected]  -  This option still enables you to receive a hard copy of your confirmation email.


Option #3 (Text Message Receipt):  TravelStay does not favour this option, but it does give you the means of obtaining the necessary information.  If your phone is able to receive text messages, use the same format as in the previous example for a fax receipt.  Enter:  [email protected]  -  e.g.  [email protected]   (The reason that TravelStay prefers the first two methods is that 1) Text messages may incur extra charges for you, the customer; 2) You will not receive the entirety of the Booking Confirmation; 3) You will not be able to present a physical copy upon arrival.)  If you use this format, we ask that you log in via your new My Account option and print the confirmation from there (if you have not already done so from the Booking Confirmation Screen).


To Log-In to your My Account services, you will need your Booking Reference Number and your email address (exactly as you entered it during the booking process).


Please note:  Otherwise invalid email addresses may result in your booking being cancelled prior to your arrival date.

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