Cancel My Booking Online

How can I complete a cancellation online?

Is the email centre at TravelStay closed until tomorrow?  Worried about late cancellations?  TravelStay now offers a 3-step guide to cancelling your booking yourself!


1. Login to "My Booking" Zone


From your Booking Confirmation email, go to the section Cancellations and Modifications and click where it says "Click here to view your live booking, cancel or modify".

Alternatively, click on this link:  My Booking.  (This link will require that you have have your Booking Number and Email Address used when making the booking.)


2. Check For Late Cancellation Charges


To identify if you are within the accommodation's late cancellation period (in which case, cancellation fees may apply), click on the Navigation Bar where it says "Cancel my booking".

Notice that you will find any late cancellation fees as well as the hotel's notice period.  (If you are inside the notice period, you will see charges next to the late cancellation fee.)


3. Cancel Your Original Booking


Verify that you accept the Terms and Conditions, then press the large green button to "Cancel this booking".

Your booking is now cancelled and within a couple of minutes, your cancellation email should be waiting for you in your Inbox.

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