The last time I booked, I was given a "Refer-a-Friend" promotional code. How do I use it?

TravelStay values its customers and we love giving Cash Back!  We offer many ways for you to earn this Cash Back, including the Refer-a-Friend promotional code.  How it works is simple!


Find your Refer-a-Friend code after completing your online booking on the Booking Confirmation Page:



Take your Refer-a-Friend code (LastName_9876543) and give it to your friends whenever one of them is getting ready to book an accommodation with TravelStay.  When they use your Promotional Code, they will get £5.00 Cash Back for using your code and YOU will get £5.00 Cash Back also.  Find your individual code on your booking confirmation!  Of course, this is subject to the following conditions which can be found on the TravelStay Booking Policy.

  • Booking is subject to minimum requirements.  The Booking Deposit for the new booking must be a minimum of £20.00 or the Total Booking Value must exceed £175.00.
  • Because this is a reward for referring a friend, booking details must be unique (Fair Usage policy).   For the new booking, Customer Name and Email Address must be unique (and valid) from the original booking.  (Turn your enemies into friends by getting them receiving Cash Back too.)
  • There is no limit to the number of friends you refer and give your code, but your code may only be used by a new customer one time.

(For more information on the usage of promotional codes, check out the following Help Page: Promotional Codes)

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