Travelling with Children

I'm travelling with children. What do you advise?

Good news!  TravelStay is currently working on providing you a simple method of searching for  "Family Friendly" accommodations.  Soon, we will be able to give you a means of searching this via a specific link!


But what does "family friendly" mean and how can you identify rooms that do have this classification?


To begin, look for the item "Family Friendly" within the Facilities option on each Hotel Page.  This will let you know if the accommodation supports bookings of this sort.


What does this mean?  "Family Friendly" means that the accommodation allows children under a particular age to stay for FREE using existing beds.  For most accommodations, this will be for children under 2 years of age (though each accommodation may have its own unique guidelines).  Book a Double Room for 2 Adults and the child can stay for free, using the existing beds in the room.  However, if you wish for your child to have his or her own bed, you would need to book into a larger room type.


For example, a Double Room costs £25.00 per person per night based on 2 adult occupants.  (This is a nightly room rate of £50.00.)  A Triple Room costs £30.00 per person per night based on 2 adult occupants.  (This is a nightly room rate of £60.00).  And on the hotel page, you see the following:

This means that a child under 2 years of age can stay in either of these rooms at no additional charge.  (You simply have to decide if the child is sharing a bed with you or if you want the child to have his or her own bed.)  Either way, the room rate doesn't change.


Note:  TravelStay displays all room rates on a "per person per night" basis.  If you search for 3 guests, you will not get a listing for 1 x Double Room, but for 2 x Double Rooms.  A Triple Room will display rates based on that third guest listing.


If you have one or more children under the age requirement for FREE consideration, please contact TravelStay prior to booking.  One child may often be allowed to stay for free in a baby cot, but not all accommodations offer cots.  Hostels typically will not accept any guests under 18, especially in Shared Rooms.  Multiple children staying may require booking a room with at least one additional bed.  If you have more than one child under the age of 2 or any questions related to a stay with one child, please call our Reservations Team from within the UK at 0844 472 1800 in order for us to find out whether the hotel you have chosen can accommodate your child in your room at no extra cost before we take your reservation.  If enquiring from outside the UK, CLICK HERE to find alternative contact telephone numbers.

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