The TravelStay "Deposit"

What is a TravelStay "Deposit"?

Ready to make your booking but curious about that Booking Deposit? TravelStay explains the deposit.


Deposit payments are payable to TravelStay Ltd for the use of the discounted accommodation booking service on the website. (See TravelStay Terms and Conditions for more details.)


Whoa! What does that mean? It means that TravelStay works every day to make sure that we are able to offer you best prices online for all of the budget accommodations that can be booked via TravelStay. Deposit payments, a small fraction of the total cost, are paid to create and secure your booking with the accommodation. This gives your booking a greater level of security with the accommodation. Because of this security, accommodations are more willing to work with TravelStay to offer rates that other websites can't match.


Some accommodations may still require a pre-authorisation payment equal to the first night's stay. (Few exceptions exist such as those offering "non-refundable bookings", some student accommodations, and those specifically indicating that they have alternative terms and conditions.) This is something that would be processed in addition to the deposit payment.


When making a booking, look through the details on the left side of the screen to find the deposit required to secure the booking like that in the following image:



The deposit is part of the Total Cost of the booking. It is not refundable upon check-out.


If booking a FREE CANCELLATION offer, the deposit is refundable in the following situations:

  • Cancellation of the booking prior to the accommodation's notice period. (Please see the Booking Policy for the accommodation located on the Book Page prior to booking or via the link provided in your booking confirmation to find out the specific policy.)
  • Modification of the booking prior to standard check-in time on scheduled day of arrival.

If booking a NON-REFUNDABLE offer, the deposit is not refundable.


No modifications may be made after Standard Check-In Time on the day of arrival and as such, no deposits will be refundable after this time.


If you have questions about the Booking Deposit or any other part of the Booking Process, please review our great assortment of Help Articles. Not finding what you need? Give TravelStay an email or a call for additional assistance.

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