Modification : Steps Involved

What's involved in the modification process?

Have an upcoming TravelStay booking for one of our London, Glasgow or Edinburgh accommodations? Need to make a change? The process to modify is an easy one (*).

  1. A new booking is made based upon your updated criteria. Whether it is the number of days, guests staying or room type desired, a new booking is always the first step to completing your modification. This new booking via TravelStay does require a new deposit be taken.

    • Please note that your new booking is made at the lowest rate on the day of booking.
    • TravelStay is not responsible for rate increases established by the accommodation between the dates of your original booking and your new booking for the modification process.
    • In instances of substantial rate increase, TravelStay will attempt to contact you first for verification (except in instances that are time-sensitive whether due to arrival date or limited availability).
  2. Your original booking is cancelled. (Processing the cancellation after creating the new booking allows TravelStay be able to alert the system that this is a modification and not a standard cancellation.)

  3. Your original booking deposit is refunded if the modification occurs outside of the accommodation's notice period (**).  (Modifications processed on the same day of the original booking may be able to have the deposit cancelled.) Refunds typically take 5-7 working days to process back to your card.

(*) Does not apply to bookings made with NON-REFUNDABLE OFFERS.

(**) Deposits are non-refundable for modifications made within the notice period of the accommodation.


Whether TravelStay makes the booking or if you go online and make the booking yourself, this begins the process. You can go ahead and cancel your original booking from the My Booking page. (Where applicable, your deposit will be automatically refunded to the card used at the time of booking.)


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