Promotional Codes

Where do I get a promotional code and how do I use it?

Thinking of making a booking via TravelStay.  GREAT!  How about I show you how you can get some CASH BACK on your booking.  First, let's take a peek at the booking page for a hotel:



Promotional Codes are subject to various criteria, the most common being a minimum deposit.  Other restrictions may include dates of stay (New Years Eve promotionals) or liking us on FaceBook.  A few are even dependent upon "fair usage" (See below for more details about Fair Usage.)


One of the most common promotional codes is the simple entry of your most recent Booking Reference Number.  When you enter your last booking reference number (e.g. TSN9876543), you will get £2.50 Cash Back (subject to a minimum deposit of £15.00).  If you wish to use this or any other promotional code, you simply need to enter it into the Booking Page using the following instructions.


1)  Click on the words "promotional code" under Enter Contract Details.  This will pull you up a box in which you can enter your promotional code.



Do you have your promotional code ready?  Enter it in the blank above.  For more options and information click on the orange question mark.   This will display a text box similar to this:



Thousands of promotional codes are floating around the web.  Find yours and claim your CASH BACK today!  (For starters, check the TravelStay Deals page.)


For any additional information, use our Contact Us page.


Additional Notes Regarding Promotional Codes

Promotional Codes not entered at the time of booking will not be honoured.

Fair Usage (for Refer-a-Friend promotional code) requires a unique Name, Telephone Number, and Email Address

Not all Promotional Codes have an expiry date.  Expired codes will not be honoured.

Cash Back works in the form of a refund to the card used at the time of booking.  Depending upon the date of booking, it may take up to 3 working days to process through the TravelStay system.  From that date, refunds tend to take 4-6 working days, dependent upon the processing time of your bank / card provider.

Promotional Codes are not valid on Modifications, only on unique bookings.

Promotional Code refunds will not exceed the amount of the deposit.  (If your promotional code is valid, but your booking deposit is less than the value of the associated code, you will be refunded up to the amount of your deposit.)

Because Promotional Codes are booking specific, modified bookings will only be refunded the amount of the deposit less the associated voucher amount.


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