Late Check-Out

What do I do if I want to check out late?

Had a long day and and even later night? Thinking how good it would be to sleep in a bit and check out later than the hotel's standard check-out time?  TravelStay has some information that you need to know.


First, when making a booking, check the associated hotel page to determine what the check-in and check-out times are.  Find the section for "Check in / Check out" to find the standard times.



Hotels will display their standard arrival and departure times.  For the occasional accommodation, you will find additional information such as those details in the image above.  Check-out times will also be found in the hotel's Booking Policy that you agree to at the time of booking.



If you wish to check-out late, you will be required to contact the hotel directly after making your booking to see about availability and additional costs that may apply.  TravelStay also advises that you enter your request into the Special Requests field on the Book Page when completing the form.  (Please note that Special Requests cannot be guaranteed.)



Once your booking has been made, contact the hotel directly via the contact details provided in your Booking Confirmation.  Supply the accommodation with your Booking Reference Number and your Arrival Date and they may be able to offer additional guarantees.  Again, late check-out may have additional costs associated with it, up to the cost of an additional night's stay.  * These costs will not be included upon your booking confirmation and would be applied separately by the accommodation upon arrival.


If you are not able to check out late, you may still be able to leave your luggage so that you can continue exploring the magnificence of London.  Again, check with the hotel for availability (and any associated charges) for this service after booking.


If you need more personal assistance with your booking needs due to a late check-out request, let TravelStay Customer Service lend you a hand.  Use the following link to obtain details on how to Contact Us!


* Late check-out is subject to each hotel's specific policies and availability.  Bookings made via can be made with the Special Request for late check-out, but this does not guarantee availability nor acceptance by the accommodation.

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