Online Booking Confirmation - No Printer

I do not have a printer. How can I view my Booking Confirmation?

If you have made a TravelStay booking for a hotel, you should have received a Booking Confirmation via email.   The first line of your booking confirmation, even before it lists your Booking Reference Number is the statement: "Please print and show upon check-in".


Do you not have a printer?  TravelStay would like to make the following 4 suggestions.

  1. If possible, visit your local library or Internet Cafe.  These facilities, generally for a small fee, will allow you to print your booking confirmation in order to present upon arrival.  (Please note that some accommodations do require this Booking Confirmation not just as proof of your booking, but to make sure that you are indeed the guest that is slated to check-in.)
  2. Do you have a smartphone? If so, the easiest option for you may be to simply show your booking confirmation on your phone. This way, the accommodation has your booking reference number, name, dates of stay and any balance payable upon arrival.
  3. Log in to the My Booking page upon arrival using a computer at the accommodation, if available.  (See image below.)  Use the link provided, then enter your Booking Reference Number (e.g. TSN9876543) and the email address exactly as it was entered at the time of booking.  (If the wrong email address was entered when booking, you will need to enter it with these errors.)  If you use any of the links embedded in your Booking Confirmation, it will automatically take you into your booking details.
  4. If you cannot do any of the three preceding options, you will need to do the following.  Please be sure you have your Booking Reference Number.  You will also be required to present ID upon check-in due to the lack of a Booking Confirmation.  (Some accommodations will require ID along with the Booking Confirmation.)  To find out if there are any complications with not arriving with your Booking Confirmation email, please contact the accommodation using the details provided on your Booking Confirmation.

TravelStay is here to assist you as much as possible.  Please note that, though we can assist with bookings 24 hours a day, our Customer Service Hours vary.  See the following Help Page for more details:  Customer Service: Hours of Operation

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