Hotel Requests (or Special Requests)

What can I request from the hotel when making my booking?

If you have specific requests that you would like to make to the accommodation when booking, you can do so via the section of the booking form entitled "Special Requests".


What is a "Special Request"?  Perhaps you want to check-in earlier than the accommodation's standard times or check-out later than those same listed times.  If you wish to drop luggage off earlier in the day, or if you are wanting a specific floor, you would enter those requests here.  Any other requests related to your stay that are not automatically considered part of your standard booking should be included.


Please note that these requests cannot be guaranteed and if you wish to confirm these before you make your reservation, you should call our reservations office on tel 0844 472 1800 for assistance.


Once a booking has been successfully made, any further discussions regarding Special Requests would need to be made directly with the hotel.

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