Per Person per Night - Why?

Why does TravelStay list rates as ‘per person per night’ instead of listing room rates?

There are several reasons why TravelStay displays rates on a ‘per person per night’ basis, rather than a room rate. We have listed six of these reasons below.

1. Group Size | Many TravelStay customers travel in small groups of 3 or 4 and want to split the cost equally between themselves.  For instance, groups of friends or groups or workers wish to be able to separate costs for each individual. The TravelStay system makes it easy!

2. Dorm Accommodation | If you want to stay in a dorm in a hostel, you will book a certain number of ‘beds’ rather than the entire room. You will therefore need to know how much that bed costs, rather than how much the whole room costs.

3. Price Comparison | A price per person makes it easier to compare prices across different room type options. For example, 3 beds in a large shared dorm at a hostel might cost £15 per person per night, while a private triple room at a hotel might only cost £16 per person per night. It is far simpler to compare like for like than to have to figure out the difference between a bed in a dorm costing £15 per person and a triple room costing £48 in total.

4. Discounts | As a market leader for the provision of the best deals for London accommodation, TravelStay is able to offer discounts that many other websites and hotels cannot match.  These discounts are easier to calculate and display on a per person basis. This is particularly true when it comes to the ‘occupancy discount’ for rooms whereby a double or twin room is sold at a cheaper price if there is only one guest.

5. Budgeting | As travel, food and entertainment is usually paid for per person, it makes it easier for customers to calculate a total price for their entire stay if they also know the price of their accommodation per person too.

6. Group Bookings | Accommodation providers calculate costs for large groups on a per person format. It makes it easier for everyone concerned when the group organiser also works with a price per person, and this has the benefit of making it easy for each member of the group to know what they will need to pay too.

7. Ease of Use | TravelStay makes every effort to display rates as clearly as possible. After customers have entered their search criteria on our home page, the search results displayed have the following message at the top: ‘Rooms (prices are per person per night and include taxes)’. We also clearly show the Total Price prior to booking to ensure our customers know how much they will be paying.

Here is an image showing the ‘Search now’ section of the TravelStay home page:



 Here is an image showing an example of how your search results might look:


This example shows how the price per person per night system works for comparing the cost of room types. One Quad Room for 4 people would cost £19.76 per person per night, while two Double Rooms would cost £32.11 per person per night. This makes it easier for the customer to choose between the available options.


Industry standards | Pricing on a 'room and total basis' and 'per person and total basis' continue to be standard pricing methods within the industry. Pricing on a 'per person' and total basis remains used by many leading operators within the travel industry, including tour operators and companies operating in the hostel and budget sector. Due to the total price being displayed prior to any purchase being made, pricing on a 'per person' or 'per room' basis is used for consistency of pricing across all products being offered.

Many other websites also display prices on a ‘per person per night’ basis, however at TravelStay we make every effort to continue to improve and develop the service to make it as clear and informative as possible.

We greatly appreciate Customer Feedback, and implement at least one customer suggestion every month! If you have any feedback we would love to hear from you on [email protected].

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