Receiving Student Discounts

How do I get a student discount?

To book at discounted student rates, please tick the 'Student Discount' box on the search page. If a student discount is present, the listing will state (*)"student discount" and the price you see will already include the discount.  See the following image:



Forget to tick the box from the homepage or from your refined search?  No problem!  Tick the box in the Search Results to add this discount option, where applicable!



To qualify for the discounted student rates all members in the booking must be in full-time university education and be able to produce valid student identification or an ISIC card upon arrival.


(*) Please note:

* Unfortunately, not all hotels and hostels offer student discounts and that they may not be available year-round;
* Student discounts may not be applicable in conjunction with other discount offers;
* Sorry, but Student Discounts cannot be applied to bookings that have already been made.

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