Group Bookings

I've got a large group and want to make a group booking. How do I do it?

Bringing your students to London to learn about its history? Maybe you have a hen night planned? Whatever the reason, TravelStay is here to help you with your Group Booking needs!


First, what constitutes a GROUP?  Typically, if you have 10 or more guests, you may need to book as a group. (Although some accommodations only require this if you have 15 or 20 guests, this is a good starting point. If you have more than 20, you are definitely a group.)


How do you make a GROUP booking?  First, visit TravelStay's Group page to fill out a short form so that we know how to assist you! You can do this by clicking on the following link:


The short form will ask you for the following items needed to find availability that suits your needs as well as provide us the information for getting this information back to you:

  • Page 1

    • City (London, Glasgow, etc.)
    • Arrival & Departure Date
  • Page 2

    • Group Type (Educational, Sports, Hen, Business, etc.)
    • Youngest Age (Some accommodations, such as certain London hostels, have minimum age requirements. Other accommodations require an over 18 in each room, even for group bookings.)
    • Number of Guests
    • Location (Is there a particular area of London where you want to be or have easy access to?)
    • Type of Accommodation (Are you looking for a hostel, B&B, or a 4-Star Hotel? This comments box allows you to add any information regarding the accommodation that you want!)
  • Page 3

    • Contact Details (We want to make sure we can reach you, so the more information, the better!)
      • Email
      • Name
      • Telephone Number
  • Page 4

    • Room Types (Choose your preferred room types)
    • Under 18s (Especially for educational groups, this lets us know if we need to consider dividing males/females.)
    • Budget (The higher your budget, the more options we may be able to return. Hostels are typically the best value, but larger rooms such as Triples and Quads can be quite cost-effective as well.)
    • Special Requests (Anything you can think of that can allow us to provide you suitable options is appreciated. Parking and any meals you wish should be entered here!)

TravelStay wants to be able to take the information you provide and contact our partner accommodations right away to check availability for your group. Incomplete information may prevent timely responses. Please provide as much information as possible to complete your enquiry. Of course, you can call our customer service line if you need any assistance.