Flexible Cancellation

What is a Flexible Cancellation?

TravelStay now offers Flexible Cancellations.  But what is a Flexible Cancellation?


A Flexible Cancellation is related to bookings made outside of the hotel's cancellation period (typically 24-72 hours prior to arrival).  For instance, if a hotel has a 24-hour cancellation policy, this means that any cancellation made more than 24 hours prior to the Standard Arrival Time is eligible for Flexible Cancellation.  Details that must be considered are as follows:

  • Cancellations made without a new booking being made will result in the loss of the booking deposit already paid.
  • Cancellations made outside of the hotel's cancellation period and with a new TravelStay booking being made are eligible for a Flexible Cancellation.
  • Cancellations made within the hotel's cancellation period are subject to cancellation charges being applied by the accommodation (based upon their specific policy) and is not eligible for a Flexible Cancellation.

A Flexible Cancellation is based on modifying your booking to a new TravelStay booking outside of the hotel's cancellation period.  In these instances, your original deposit is refunded in full and no other charges apply.


How do you know if the booking you are making is eligible for a Flexible Cancellation?  Look at the following image:



The first hotel in this example has a cancellation policy of 24 hours before check-in, while the second hotel has a cancellation policy of 72 hours before check-in.  Because of the differences, when booking close to your arrival date, one accommodation may offer you a flexible cancellation while another may not.  Search for the text "Flexible cancellation - free to modify" to identify whether or not you are making a booking inside the accommodation's late cancellation period.  To obtain more specific details, click on the orange Book button to identify exactly how long you have for Flexible Cancellation.  See the following images from the Book Page:



The above image will show you the date and time that your Flexible Cancellation option expires.  This means that any modifications to your booking must be completed (not simply requested) prior to this time.  Modifications not completed by the date and time listed may be subject to associated charges.


TravelStay Tip: If you are close to your arrival date, please go ahead and create a new booking (based upon your new requirements) and cancel your original booking using the My Booking login found upon your booking confirmation.  Email TravelStay with the details of your old and new booking and TravelStay will make the necessary modifications for a Flexible Cancellation, where applicable.


If you are not eligible for a Flexible Cancellation at the time of booking, you will see the following text on the Book Page:



When this text displays, you will know that you are booking within the accommodation's late cancellation period.  Any cancellation of the booking (or non-arrival) may result in cancellation fees being applied by the accommodation.


TravelStay Tip: Apart from the rare exception, any booking with an arrival time more than 72 hours in the future will be eligible for Flexible Cancellation.

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