Check-In - 24 Hour Reception

My hotel doesn't have 24-hour reception. What are the rules for checking in?

Have you booked a smaller accommodation that does not offer 24-hour reception?  Don't know how late you can check in?  Let TravelStay help you how to determine your check-in window!


On the hotel description page, look for the following text under the Facilities section:  "24 Hour Reception".  For most accommodations with this listing, the reception desk is open all throughout the night and you should be able to check in at any time.  However, there are a few select accommodations that limit the times of check-in.  See the following image:



For any accommodation that does not specifically indicate 24-hour reception, you will need to be aware of the check-in times allowed by the respective accommodation.  Arriving at the accommodation after hours may result in the accommodation not being able to check you in and resulting fees being applied for non-arrival. 


If you need to make sure that you are choosing an accommodation that does have 24 hour reception, please be sure to tick the box for 24 hour reception under the Facilities section of the Navigation Bar on the left side of the screen.



Selecting this will narrow your search results down to just those accommodations where 24-hour access and assistance is available.  Remember: Be sure to look in the Check-In / Check-Out details for more information regarding special hours for checking in.


If there are specific hotel requirements for accommodations not offering 24-hour reception, you will be informed upon your booking confirmation.  This may include calling the accommodation to confirm that your arrival time will be during their hours of operation.


Still unsure?  Send TravelStay a message using our Contact Us page!

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