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Is my deposit refunded after my stay?

Curious about the total costs related to your stay?  Want to know what to pay when you book and how this is utilised in the total cost?  Well, read on for full details.


So you are curious about the details of your deposit.  Let us explain how your booking works.  To begin with, let me show you an example of one part of the Booking Page.



The first thing that you are going to notice is the Discount Type if there is one applicable to your booking.  Beneath that is the Nightly Price per Person.  (TravelStay displays all room rates on a "per person per night" basis.)  The rate will display in British Pounds.  (Selecting an alternative currency from the drop-down box at the top of the screen will give you the secondary results.  Please note that all payments will be charged in British Pounds.  Next is the Number of Guests (which determined the rate listed above).  Following this is the Total Accommodation Charge (including all taxes).


Now on to your enquiry.  The next item is the Deposit that must be paid at the time of booking.  This amount will be charged in British Pounds.  The deposit is "part of" the Total Accommodation Charge.  This is the amount used to secure your booking with the accommodation. 


Additional information regarding your booking deposit:  This deposit is not refunded after your stay.  Once you have checked in at the accommodation, no modifications can be made to your booking via TravelStay and no refunds will be processed.  This deposit is applied to the Total Accommodation Charge.  The deposit is non-refundable in the case of cancellation.  (Please see the Booking Policy for more details.)


The deposit paid is for the use of the TravelStay website when making your booking.  As part of the service, we secure your booking with the accommodation, provide you the means to modify your booking prior to arrival (though charges may apply for modifications occurring within the hotel's cancellation period) and offer you a wide array of support for your booking.


Of course, the last item is the Balance.  This is the amount that will be paid to the accommodation upon arrival (unless otherwise indicated).


** Be on the lookout for the terms "Flexible Cancellation" and "Free to Modify".  "Flexible Cancellation" means that you are not inside the accommodation's late cancellation period at the time of accessing the Booking Page.  (Details of when that late cancellation time period begins will be found within the same details.)  Take advantage of the "Free to Modify" service.  See the following link for more information:  Modify a Booking

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