Booking Dorm Rooms

What should I consider when booking a Dorm Room (Shared Room Accommodation)?

There are several important factors that should be considered when booking a dorm room.  Among these include accommodation type and bed types as well as the number of guests and their respective ages.


Accommodation Type | The most common accommodation type offering Shared Room Accommodation (or beds in a Dorm Room) is a hostel.  Hostels will quite often provide you the best price options for an area on a "per person" basis.  The reason for this is that you are booking only 1 bed in a room that may accommodate 4, 6, 12, 24 or more people in one room.  (Other room sizes under 24 beds do exist.)  The larger the room type, the less the cost generally is for each guest.


Bed Type | The typical dorm room is composed of Top/Bottom bunk beds.  Requests can be specifically made for a top or bottom bunk.  However, this is classified as a Special Request and most hostel accommodations will not guarantee this availability.  In rare instances, dorm rooms may be composed of side by side beds (in a Twin format, but still a shared room).


Age | Most accommodations offering shared rooms have minimum age requirements for staying in the dorm room.  Most London accommodations require that you be at least 18 years of age in order to stay in this room type.  A few accommodations even have age limits for occupancy.  Please be sure to confirm that you and your party meet the age requirements for booking this room type.


Number of Guests | Depending upon the size of your group, it may be possible for all of your party to be in the same room.  However, please note that this is never guaranteed in shared room accommodation.  That said, it may be possible for a group of 6 to book an entire room composed of a larger number of beds.  However, this would require booking the total number of beds in the room.  For example, if there are no 6-bedded shared rooms but there is an 8-bedded shared room, it may be possible to book all 8 beds and have a relatively "private" room.  Not all accommodations will be able to support this type of stay, so TravelStay recommends you contact us directly to confirm this availability and option with the respective hostel or hotel.


When booking shared room accommodation, remember the following:

  • Guests under the age of 18 may not be allowed to stay in a shared room.  (Please see the specific hotel page for more details.)
  • Families with children under the age of 18 may be allowed to book a shared room based on both booking ALL beds in the room and confirming this in advance with the hostel.  Requests made too close to the arrival date may not be accommodated due to room assignments already being made.
  • Beds are available in a room on a first-come, first-serve basis. Requests for specific beds may not be able to be available.
  • Guests booking shared rooms are not guaranteed to be in the same room.  Accommodations will certainly attempt to keep you in the same room (as it is typically more beneficial), but this is not guaranteed.
  • Male Only and Female Only rooms must be selected (based upon availability) at the time of booking.  Special Requests on bookings for Mixed Dorms stating "Male Only" or "Female Only" will not be honoured.


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