Booking Under the Age of 18

Can I book if I am less than 18 years of age?

London hotels require that guests residing in the accommodations be 18 years or older.  For all private rooms in London hotels through TravelStay, any guest under the age of 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.  This is true for all accommodation types with whom TravelStay works, except certain London hostels.

Some London hostels will allow guests in a Shared Room beginning at age 16.  This is only true for those accommodations with these details specifically outlined on the hotel description page.

No bookings will be accepted if determined they were booked by an individual under the age of 18, except where deemed appropriate.  Any booking made for an individual under the age of 18 may be cancelled without refund by TravelStay or denied by the accommodation except for those accommodations with specific allowances.

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