Travel to London - From Gatwick Airport

How do I get into London from Gatwick Airport?

Flying into Gatwick Airport?  Need to find accommodation for your stay?  Maybe you need to know how to get from the airport to your accommodation?  Let TravelStay be your guide!


Gatwick Accommodation



If you are wanting to stay near the airport, these accommodations will give you budget-friendly options for your stay.  Most have Airport Transfers (*) available to get from the busy airport to your awaiting room.  ( * Transfers may not be available at all hours and may have additional charges, dependent upon the accommodation.)


Of course, if you are looking to go into Central London, there are a few different options for getting there.   Check out the following information on how to get into Central London by RailBus, or Taxi.


Central London by Rail

  • Also available is Southern Rail with Advance Tickets available for as little as £5.00.

Central London by Bus - Not the fastest way to get to London, but this does give you some of the least expensive options.

  • National Express offers a coach service with more than 500 destinations.
  • Local Buses offer transport options for as little as £2.00.

Central London by Taxi - Take advantage of taxi services from Gatwick Airport.  Please note that Taxi service rates tend to begin at around £100.00 and are much more likely to be closer to £125.00.


(All travel rates on this information page are accurate as of 14 August 2014. TravelStay makes no guarantee that rates will remain constant nor that any transport method will be operating at full capacity at the time of your journey. Please organise your travel plans accordingly.)

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