Modifications and Promotional Codes

I modified my booking. What happens to my promotional code?

Have you modified your booking?  Or are you still in need of performing a modification?  If your original booking was made with a promotional code, please see the following associated details.


Promotional Codes are "booking-specific".  This means that, when you create your booking, the promotional code is only valid for that booking.   Let me use an example:


Promotional Code:  PromoExample (Receive £15.00 Cash Back; Subject to a minimum deposit of £125.00.)


Now, let's say this is what you booked:



Because the deposit was a minimum of £125.00, the promotional code for this booking would have been authorised and processed in the form of Cash Back.  Because Cash Back is directly associated with the deposit, it means your total paid (in reference to the deposit) is lessened.


Using the promotional code example with the sample booking above, £15.00 Cash Back would be processed.  This means that your Total (including all taxes) is reduced by the promotional code amount.  This also means that the deposit in this example is only £132.00 after the application of the promotional code.


If you modify your booking to a new TravelStay booking, per the Booking Policy, your deposit will be refunded (less the already refunded promotional code value).  Promotional codes are not valid on modified bookings and may not be carried over from one booking to the next.


(For more information on the usage of promotional codes, check out the following Help Page: Promotional Codes)

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