FREE Cancellations!

What is the policy associated with FREE Cancellation?

Ready to book on TravelStay? Seeing an option for FREE Cancellation and wondering what it means? Let me explain how you can take advantage of this offer!


First, there are two types of bookings. There are those that are NON-REFUNDABLE and there are others which offer a FREE CANCELLATION (*). Please note that this offer does not apply to NON-REFUNDABLE bookings.


When you are given the option to book with a FREE Cancellation, the following few items should be considered:

  1. Cancellations must be made outside of the accommodation's notice period. (These details will be provided to you both on the Book Page and within the hotel's Booking Policy.)
  2. Cancellation requests sent via email should be sent at least 48 hours prior to the notice period for TravelStay to process this request on your behalf. (TravelStay is not responsible for bookings that are not able to be processed outside of this notice period due to emails not received in advance of this time.)

What that means is this.  If the accommodation you booked has a 48-hour notice period, this FREE Cancellation offer extends only to their STANDARD CHECK-IN TIME two days (or 48 hours) prior to your date of arrival. (Just because you may not plan to arrive until 20:00 doesn't mean that you count back three days from your expected arrival time.)  Let's look at an example!

Book Page - FREE to Cancel


If you aren't near a computer and need help cancelling, give our Customer Care Team a call to help process this request. But please remember: If you are within the notice period, the accommodation reserves the right to charge a penalty in conjunction with their own unique Booking Policy. This is a charge levied by the accommodation and TravelStay has no control over whether or not they process the charge.


One more thing. If you make your booking within the notice period of the accommodation, this offer will not be available to you. The FREE Cancellation offer applies only to bookings made outside of the notice period and is valid until the beginning of the notice period.


Any questions? Let me or one of my colleagues walk you through it! We're always happy to help!

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