Room Type - Triple or Quad

What is a Triple or Quad Room?

A Triple or Quad Room by TravelStay Standards is a room for three/four occupants though typically searched in accordance with 3 guests.  This is a search designed to expand the results for those needing beds for 3 people.  If a Triple Room, these rooms are typically comprised of either 1 Double Bed + 1 Single Bed or 3 Single Beds.  If a Quad Room, these rooms are typically comprised of 2 Double Beds or 1 Double Bed + 2 Single Beds or 4 Single Beds.  Hostels may have these beds in bunk format.  (Be sure to check prior to booking if you have specific requirements.)


If you are looking for a private room (whether with private bathroom or shared bathroom facilities), you can set your search results to display just Triple and Quad Rooms.  Keep in mind that, depending upon availability, an accommodation may not have Triple or Quad Rooms and may have nothing smaller than a Multi-Bedded Private Room.  This may limit the number of results that you receive.  (Some accommodations may have special offers on other room types that may make it more cost effective to consider more than just Triple or Quad Rooms  If you can't find what you are looking for displaying just Triple or Quad Rooms, try adding in other options or choose All Room Types.  See the images below for more details.


Searching for a Triple or Quad Room


Setting your search results in this manner will show you ONLY Triple and Quad Rooms with availability for these dates.  (Searches for more than three guests will give you accommodations with multiple Triple/Quad Room availability.)


Another option is changing the Room Types from within your Search Results:


Room Type Tick Boxes


Here, you can view only those room types you wish.  If you wish to see ALL room types with availability, leave your results on Show All.


Travelling with a child?  See the following Help Page for details about children: Travelling with Children

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