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I've already made a booking, but I need more information. Who should I talk to?

First, thank you for choosing TravelStay.  We look forward to helping you in any way that we can.


After you've booked, you may find that you have unanswered questions.  The purpose of this article is to direct you to the best place to obtain your information.  Sometimes, this will be TravelStay.  Other times, it may be that the hotel is your best source of information.  Or sometimes, we may request that you look online.


What should I address to TravelStay?

  • Questions regarding your booking, such as your rates or deposit;
  • Questions about modifying or cancelling your booking;
  • Problems receiving your booking confirmation.

In other words, TravelStay can help with the basic details of your booking.  As the booking agency, we can identify only those details that we are provided by the accommodation.  As such, the details that we have can generally be found on the Hotel Description page.  (See your Booking Confirmation for a link to this page for your selected accommodation.)  More details can be found via your My Booking page.


What should I address to the hotel?

  • Questions about check-in / check-out times;
  • Directions to the hotel;
  • General hotel information (not provided on the TravelStay hotel page)

The hotel knows its base area better than any travel or listing agency ever could.  Why?  Because they go to work there every day, so they know the ins & outs better than those that simply have the details or pull them up online.   They can tell you the best bus to use, tell you how to get to local attractions, or the best prices for all your souvenirs.  They might even be able to tell you which way the wind blows (or the weather forecast).  Contact details for your accommodation can be found on your TravelStay Booking Confirmation.  (Can't find your confirmation email?  Log in to My Booking to be view your confirmation and obtain the contact details for your accommodation.


What should I address online?

  • Look up the Journey Planner on the TFL website for maps & directions.  (See also our Help Page:  London Underground)
  • Find out attraction information and prices as well as special events.  (See also our webpage:  When To Stay In London)
  • Book your next stay online!  But first check out our Deals page: TravelStay Deals

The web is full of great information.  If you aren't sure where to go, first try our Help Pages.  If you still need assistance, let us know.  Contact information available via the following link:  Contact Us Page

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