Deposit versus Pre-Authorisation

What is the difference between a Deposit and a Pre-Authorisation?

Wondering how a Deposit differs from a Pre-Authorisation?  TravelStay explains below!


Deposit | All bookings made via are secured with a small booking deposit.



This deposit is paid to TravelStay for the listing of the accommodation and for securing the booking with the accommodation.  This deposit is used to help in the assurance that bookings are valid and not fraudulent.  It is also used for the services that we provide with our call centres and email centre where you can receive booking support 24 hours a day.  The deposit is non-refundable.


Pre-Authorisation | All bookings made via are subject to the pre-authorisation of the first night's stay (except where stated otherwise).  The following information can be found on the TravelStay website under Policies.

Under exceptional circumstances, such as during extremely busy dates, for multiple room bookings, or if the customers contact details are invalid, the accommodation may need to protect against the loss of a late cancellation fee by pre-authorizing for the first night’s stay shortly prior to arrival.

A pre-authorisation, generally processed 7-10 days prior to arrival, is a validation of funds against the card used at the time of booking that can be used in the event that a customer does not arrive at the accommodation or cancels within the cancellation time period (typically 24-72 hours prior to arrival, unless stated otherwise).  These funds are not debited from your card, but are set aside and are not available for use.  Customers wishing their pre-authorisation to be processed to a card other than the one used at the time of booking should contact the accommodation directly to provide any alternative details.


Accommodations may opt to cancel a booking if they are unable to process a pre-authorisation.  Efforts will be made by both the accommodation and TravelStay to contact a customer whose card is unable to be pre-authorised.  Customers wishing to pay their remaining balance in Cash or via an alternative card may have their pre-authorisation cancelled upon arrival after the balance payment being secured.  Alternatively, accommodations may convert the pre-authorisation to a charge leaving the balance less the pre-authorisation amount payable.  More details regarding the hotel's specific policy can be obtained by contacting them directly via details provided in your booking confirmation.


All bookings are subject to pre-authorisation though not all bookings will be pre-authorised.  


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