Room Only Accommodations

What does it mean when it says "Room Only"?

TravelStay loves to be able to offer breakfast along with rooms.  However, there are some accommodations that do not offer breakfast as part of the booking process.  This may be because they do not offer breakfast or because it is a separate item that must be purchased directly from the accommodation.  Accommodations that do not offer breakfast as part of the booking process are listed as Room Only.  An accommodation offering a "Room Only" option also means that you will not have self-catering facilities such as a Shared Kitchen.



Though this gives you some of the least expensive options for your accommodation, it also means you might spend a little more eating out. Another thing to notice is that some accommodations may offer you a choice between Room Only or one of their breakfast options (at a slight price increase).


Of course, other options do exist.  See related articles: Self-Catering Offer, Continental Breakfast Offer, English/Scottish Breakfast Offer.

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