London Underground

Where can I find information about the London Underground?

TravelStay knows that many of our customers rely on the public transportation network in order to enjoy their stays while in London.  Within our search results, you can now choose the particular tube line(s) that you want in order to simplify your travels while in London.  Each of our hotel pages will provide you with details of the nearest tube station and directions from the station to the accommodation.  But there are occasionally interruptions to this service that we feel you need to be aware of as well.  Because of this, please see the following links that will provide you with more details regarding the London Underground.  -  This is the primary site for information related to London Tube, DLR, and Overground services.  From here, you can get information about rates, how to plan your journey, interruptions and even Barclays Cycle Hire!  -  Want to know the fastest tube, train or bus routes to get from where you are to your destination?  This link will help you navigate London with the greatest of ease!  -  Is your preferred route closed or suffering delays?  Click this link to find out where delays are occurring and plan around these inconveniences.  -  Forget your Tube Map?  Need to see the route for the DLR?  Wondering where to get a Barclays Cycle?  This link gives you easy reach without having to pull a tattered old map out of your pocket!  -  Need to know how much you need to take with you?  Find out Single Fare or Oyster Card costs prior to your journey.  Get all the zones you need with one click link!


SPECIAL NOTICE:  Effective 06 July 2014, you will no longer be able to used cash to pay for your bus fare.  Instead of cash, you will be able to use an Oyster card or contactless payment card for thd £1.50 pay as you go adult fare.  For more information about cash free buses, please click here. (Updated: 18 July 2015)


SERVICE INTERRUPTIONS  -  TravelStay recognises that, from time to time, interruptions do occur on the tube lines.  These may be due to natural phenomena or any of a number of other things.  One of these "other things" are strikes.  This section will be updated ONLY when we are aware of planned interruptions.


There are currently no known "major" service interruptions.  This does not include delays associated with signal failures.  See the link " " for more information.

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