Booking Confirmation - Bad Email Address

I think I entered the wrong email address. How do I get my Booking Confirmation?

So you've made a booking via TravelStay and you didn't receive your booking confirmation.  Did you enter ".com" when you should have entered "" or maybe you mistyped your email address altogether?  TravelStay does have solutions for you.


Probably the simplest solution is to use our Contact Us page to inform us of the correct email address.  This lets TravelStay identify where the error may have occurred in order to send you your confirmation email.  Please be sure to include the following information so that we can verify your booking details:

  • Your Booking Reference Number if you have it.  This is the easiest way for us to pull up your booking details.
  • Your First and Last Name **as it was entered on the booking**.
  • Your Arrival Date and Departure Date.
  • If you remember, include the Hotel Name.

Between all of this information, TravelStay should have no problem identifying your booking and getting you your confirmation email.


Now if you know your Booking Reference Number and the email address as it was entered, you can always access your booking confirmation via the My Booking page.  (Please note that you will have to enter the email address exactly as it was entered at the time of booking.)  This will allow you to view your details and to print your Booking Confirmation.


You can also use the Contact Us page and use one of the contact telephone numbers on the screen to give us a call.  Using either option, please be prepared to provide as many of the previous details as possible.



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