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Why have rates changed since I last looked?

Someone once said, "The only thing constant is change."  Sometimes this change can be good.  Other times?  Not so good.


Have rates changed since the last time you looked online?  

  • Whether up or down, this is something that TravelStay has no control over.  All bookings for accommodation etc. are made by TravelStay as agents for the accommodation provider concerned.  This means that we are the listing agency for many hotels, B&Bs, apartments, tudent accommodations, and hostels (plus even more).  Yes, we list the property, but the accommodation itself maintains its own rates and availability.  TravelStay does work with each of them in order to provide discounts over and above any competitor.  But these discounts (where applicable) do only occur in relation to the base price set by the accommodation.

 Why do rates change?

  •  Accommodations change rates for any of a number of reasons, the most common being a change in availability.  If a hotel has a large group cancel at the last minute, not only will availability go up, rates will often be cut to try to have less loss.  However, if it is a busy season and availability is limited, rates may increase.  Advance booking discounts expire along different intervals, depending upon the accommodation.  But, though availability may be slim, be on the lookout for Last Minute Deals to try to find late price cuts.

 Can I book at my original rates?

  •  Once rates have changed, TravelStay is subject to those rates.  We cannot alter or amend them.  If you are modifying your booking, it is subject to the current rates as set forth by the accommodation.  

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